Monday, December 29, 2008

Ice Cream Cones

One of my editors happens to be my mother. When I originally asked her to proof read something for me, she hesitated; in fact, she didn’t want to leave her house to proof read for me. After much coaxing and bribery, she did. What an experience that was. For more than five hours she sat at my computer smiling, laughing and crying while looking over (and answering) the questions in our Blisstory Journal. For days afterward, she would call to share another detail she remembered from her childhood.

I realized how little I really knew about her. In fact, what do we really know about anyone, including ourselves? Don’t answer that just yet. Take a look at the person closest to you. Do you know what his/her favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is? Do you know if they’ve ever built a snow man? Do you know what famous person they’d like to take to lunch? Do you know the top ten things on their “Bliss List?”

My mom shared a story about going out for an ice cream. On a weekly basis, she would ask her own mother if they could all go to the ice cream store. Her mom would say, “Sure, if your dad doesn’t mind.” She would then go tell her father that her mom wanted to go for an ice cream and off they would go. Wow! Do you think my grandparents ever caught on? I’m guessing they both cherished the moments!

As for me, I played softball every summer for as long as I can remember. After every game, win or lose, my coach (my dad) would take the team for ice cream. That was more of a highlight for me than playing the game. Everyone would gather around with their cones and listen to the pep talk the coach would give about the team; ending with a positive note on how we’d get ‘em next time! No matter how good or bad we played, those moments made everything seem “ok”.

Ask the person sitting in the room with you, “Where’d you go for ice cream when you were a kid?” Don’t stop at that; ask them what their favorite invention is. The answers may surprise you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Sweetheart’s Gesture of Love

A Sweetheart’s Gesture of Love
Becomes a New Book with a Journey for Everyone

Ferndale, MI -- What started out as a Christmas gift from her sweetheart has blossomed into a new book, “The Blisstory Journal” which has become an instant hit for the holiday gift giving season. In 2005 Teri Williams was given a jar of questions, a journal and a pen by her husband Jeff who asked her to share her thoughts and experiences with him. On Sweetest Day, she gave him the gift of herself, that journal filled with memories and ideas prompted from the interesting questions he had given her. Friends and neighbors saw the journal and wanted one. “Blisstory” was born.

“The Blisstory Journal” has room to write in the answers to 365 diverse questions from “What magazines did you have around the house growing up?” and “When you wake in the morning, what is the first thought that usually crosses your mind?” to “Describe a scent that brings you back to your childhood” and “List the content of your purse or wallet” with the last page, “What does bliss mean to you?”

“It's really a gift of love and learning; what I learn about the people that answer the questions is beyond anything I hear over a cup of coffee,” said Teri. “The questions actually encourage people to share themselves, good, bad or indifferent. My friend Alice shared an incredible life changing memory from her childhood that had me in tears. It’s a great tool for the beginnings of a memoir or a living legacy for our children.”

The response has been overwhelming and people are finding different ways of using the book, including turning it into a game when family comes to visit. A children’s edition is in the works.

This insightful, revealing and very affordable book is a perfect holiday gift for the person who has everything or is out of town. “The Blisstory Journal” is $13 each or 10 for $100, including shipping anywhere in the continental United States and can be ordered at