Thursday, October 20, 2011

What we focus on multiplies

My friend and colleague, Ron Marshall of has launched a new feature in his blog.

He's calling it a "Professional Showcase" and is highlighting what he considers to be today's thought leaders who are remaking tomorrow.

It is my great honor to be featured as his opening act! Please take a few minutes to read Ron's Blog, both Part I and Part II and suggest anyone that you think should be featured! Ron is an incredible young man, striving to make a difference in peoples lives, both locally here in Michigan and around the globe!

Here's a little snip it of what you'll read:

Part I - The practical side

"I knew taking care of my two children as a single, working mom was not going to be an easy task. I wasn't going to let corporate America decide whether I would be home with my sick child or be a room mom in their classroom. I wanted to make those decisions myself. I had two things going for me (besides my beautiful children): I had a business and accounting background, and I loved to clean! Ok, I loved computers, too.

I bought my first computer and started two businesses: The Administrative Assistant and Snap Services; they have long since been replaced. My dad lent me the money, even though he thought computers were glorified typewriters. At that time, for me, they were, but I believed that the 'new thing called the Internet' was the wave of the future! (I think I was right on that one!)"

Part II - The spiritual side

'What we focus on multiplies. Since we are made up of energy (everything is), why not focus on positive energy, what's working, what's joyful and what's beautiful: Life! It isn't always easy, I know. I've been in some pretty low places myself - abuse, rape, divorces (notice plural there), job loss, a house fire, death of loved ones, and so on and so on. You get the picture - a lot of personal loss and what could have been defeat.

Thankfully, I was raised to always have hope and always see the silver lining."

Read the rest here....

P.S. And book mark Ron's page - you'll want to see some of the great guests he has lined up in his Showcase of thought leaders and those making a difference in our community.