Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blisstory Question

Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

My good friend, Lisa Marie of, posed that question to her listening audience a few years ago. It received mixed comments. Even Lisa and I were on opposite sides of the fence that day. We probably still are. (Maybe we need to run that segment again, or better yet, do another show.)

Me, I do believe things happen for a reason. We may not always know what the meaning is behind the event, encounter or experience at the time; we will know when we take a breath and look back, saying the big, “Ahhh, that’s why that happened!”

I could give you a million examples of incidents that have transpired in my life from chance meetings to running back in the house to grab something only to find out I was seconds away from an accident. Encounters and experiences may seem insignificant, yet there is so much more to them when you really pay attention.

The most recent example I share is my meeting Joan Feldman. Joan is a psychotherapist who happened to see and purchase my book, The Blisstory Journal. Weeks later, she was at an event I participated in. When I woke the morning of the event, I couldn’t speak due to a sore throat. My intention was to go right back to bed; not attending the event. My husband convinced me to take “two Tylenol” and get on with it. It was my first event sharing lessons on self love, including my Blisstory Journal Handbook. When I started speaking with Joan, I knew we would connect on a deeper level. In fact, I intentionally asked her questions during my "time on stage" to get to know her more. I fully appreciated her input and expertise.

It turns out Joan is more than just your average psychotherapist. Joan incorporates a little of, what some may think as craziness, into her practice and healing adventure. In fact, it’s the premise for her book, “A Frog In My Basement, A Therapists Curious Journey into Energy Psychology and the Law of Attraction.” That afternoon, Joan changed my life, forever! Through her unique delivery of EFT and TAP techniques, she helped me release some “baggage” I’ve been hanging on to for a long time. You’ll have to read my own journal to hear more about that and you’ll have to trust me on the enormous amount of relief I feel after that experience.

Today, I had lunch with Joan and I look forward to much, much more! Do yourself a favor and grab her book, there’s a reason for it, I’m sure!!!

Blissfully yours, Teri

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Blisstory Question

Do you like snowstorms? Have you ever been in a snowstorm?

If you have lived in Michigan for more than 6 months, the answer to that question is a big "yes." Liking snowstorms or not, we get them for a few months a year, including April. This April, we were hit with 6 inches in the beginning of the month. In fact, the snow made it's way down to Atlanta.

Thinking that we were going to be "free" of snow, my husband and I took a "working" road trip to Atlanta. We had 10 days of freedom from parenting and anticipated a warm, wondrous adventure along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The trip started off with sunshine and 70 degree weather. It ended with spending our last 5 days "back at the ranch" and blizzard like conditions along the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky.

In the first two days we visited Natural Bridge State Park, Broke Leg Falls, and Cloudland Canyon; hiking over 15 miles of steep, treacherous trails. Anyone taking a road trip to the south needs to stop at Cloudland Canyon in NW Georgia. It presents one of the most spectacular views you will see East of the Mississippi. The six mile hike down to the bottom of the gorge is well worth the sweat and exertion.

Reaching Atlanta, we spent three days "moving" my father in law, enjoying 70 to 80 degree weather. The "working" part of the trip was attending the Women For Hire convention on Saturday. Tory Johnson brings her "roadshow" on working from home to communities across the country. Hundreds of men and women waited in line for tips and strategies on working from home or starting your own business.

Saturday afternoon we went to the Tigers vs. Braves Spring training game. While at the game, I met with an old friend from elementary school. Ahh the wonders of Facebook and email. Ok, that's another blog. Waking up Tuesday to snow in Atlanta and the forecast of cold weather for the next few days sent us packing! We decided that snow was snow and we could be home, where 6 inches had just hit the Metro Detroit Area.

I'm grateful my husband was driving. When we reached Kentucky,
the snow started. By the time we hit the Cumberland Gap, it was a
blizzard. Jeff is usually a very relaxed driver. Not this time! He drove with white fists, clinching the steering wheel for over an hour as we drove through some of the heaviest, thickest snow we had ever been in. In Michigan, that's not so bad. In the Kentucky mountains, with nothing between you and a 1000' drop, but a side rail (on my side) it's pretty intense. Even the truckers were driving slow or pulling off. (Not Jeff, he was on a mission to get home.)

We made it home in time to see mounds of snow still piled in parking lots all around town. Next time we travel, we will wait until May...although, in Michigan, snow has been known to fall in May!

Stay warm as "April showers bring may flowers", I hope.