Saturday, September 27, 2008

Loose Change

Whoever said the only thing in life we can count on is change didn’t mean loose change, at least not in my household! Yesterday we had Friday night football at two different high schools and I forgot to go to the bank. (They don’t take your debit card or a check at the football field!) As if on a scavenger hunt, I dug through laundry, winter coats and the backseat of my car and found 10 cents short of what I actually needed. Thank God for pennies! While going through everything, I found a few items I needed for the game; a blanket, a pad and gloves. Fortunately, it was a beautiful night and the gloves are still tucked away in my jacket until next week.

This will be my last season of football games, cheerleading events and school parties. I thought that my emotions were riding high due to the fact that my son recently joined the military. Well, he’s home and I still cried at the end of the game. I’m really going to miss these nights of bonding with the community and yelling with the cheer leaders, encouraging the boys to victory. I’m filling every minute of baking and planning, with sheer “Bliss”; making the most of this year. Change is a good thing! Yee Haaa….the final scores, 54 to 0 and 46 to 6. GO TROJANS, GO KNIGHTS!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lunafest 2008/2009 and ONE OF US FILMS

For the past two years, I've had the great pleasure of being involved with One of Us Films Carrie LeZotte and Lora Probert as they bring Lunafest to Metro Detroit. Filled with stories of reflection and whimsy, hope and humor, grace and perseverance, LUNAFEST films are renowned for celebrating the talents and stories of women. Not to mention that 100% of all the proceeds go to support worthy causes. It's a great way to share a little 'sisterhood' and see incredible films created by women all over the world.

'LUNAFEST was established in 2000 by LUNA, the makers of the Whole Nutrition Bar for Women, to simultaneously promote women filmmakers, raise awareness for women’s issues, and support worthy women’s nonprofit organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.
is completely funded by LUNA and run by a small, dedicated group of LUNA employees. 100 percent of all proceeds are donated to charity – 15 percent to the Breast Cancer Fund and the remaining 85 percent of proceeds go directly back to hosting community organizations.

Over the years, as LUNAFEST has grown from a single annual event to more than 140 festivals each season, LUNA’s commitment to this worthwhile program has grown as well. We are continually inspired by the individual and collective efforts of women – and we are awed by the results. To date, LUNAFEST has raised ver $250,000 for worthwhile women’s organizations, while raising hope and awareness for the stories of women everywhere.

This year, for those that wish to support Lunafest and One Of Us Films, they are pulling together an additional insert to the program. For $50.00 you can sponsor a business card size ad on the insert and receive a complimentary VIP ticket to the event being held on Thursday, October 23, 2008 at the Emagine Theatre, in Novi. The VIP Reception starts at 6:00 pm and ShowTime is at 7 PM. What a great opportunity to offer a group of women a discount or special offer, knowing that you are supporting worthy causes.

For more information and to resrve your spce on the insert, please contact:

Lora Probert Producer, One of Us Films 248-303-0537 Email: Website:

Thanks to ladies of Oneofusfilms, for your efforts and support. We are all faced with something, sometime, somewhere, that effects our lives so deeply we reach for help.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Pretty Good Shape for the Shape I'm In

Pretty Good Shape for the Shape I'm in
Growing up, when asked "How ya doing?", my dad would reply, "Pretty good shape for the shape I'm in".
Until recently, I never really thought too much about that statement. I'd like to hear the people of Michigan start saying, "Pretty good shape for the shape we're in". A cheerful continence, a bliss-full attitude, has everything to do with the way we grow, prosper, live.
I challenge each and every one of you to make, "Pretty good shape for the shape I'm in" your morning mantra for 21 days. Statistics show that's how long it takes for a habit to form. I can almost guarantee that when you repeat that several times a day, your life will become significantly more "bliss-full".
Here's to you dad, where ever your spirit is!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rock Star Mommies

Today I met with Judy Davids of the Mydols and author of Rock Star Mommy...... Talk about an incredible person, woman, MOMMY! Judy is author, guitarist, singer, mom extraordinaire. She created our logo and is assisting in the development of our site. Rock on, Judy, and thanks for sharing your dreams and helping me live mine!

Let me share a little about her book, Rock Star Mommy. Judy is a "real-life" mom who picked up a guitar one day and decided it was time to live her dream. She shares her family, her friends and her dreams with us in a way that we can all relate to. You may not have a vision of becoming a rock and roll star, but whatever your vision is, you'll be inspired to live that dream after reading Rock Star Mommy. Blissfully yours!!!