Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Everybody's talking about love!

Everybody starts talking "love" when February 1 rolls around. Whether you're feeling love or not, it's everywhere! Some of us talk about it year round like Christine Arylo, Founder of Madly In Love With Me Day, Marci Shimoff, author of Love For No Reason and even Lance Armstrongs' Live Strong Foundation.

"And now, here is my secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see clearly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

That quote was posted on Dr. Julie Krulls Facebook Fan Page, Dr. Julie on Your Beautiful Mindful Life. For me, it sent ripples of joy (bliss, love) up and down my spine.

What is essential is love - beginning with a deep love for oneself!

If you're cringing at the mere sound of "the L word" maybe, just maybe, it's time to begin embracing the love of your life - YOU! For many years I have said that in order to love anyone or anything we need to love ourselves first. How do you begin loving yourself unconditionally, especially after years of being conditioned not to? The first step is probably the easiest - choose to do it! Remember the Nike commercials, "Just Do IT!" Right now decide to love yourself, simply because you exist - without judgment, without expectations.

We have been pre-programmed to think of self love as egocentric and narcissistic when in reality how can we truly love anyone or anything if we aren't loving ourselves first? Life is one big relationship - our relationship with "me" comes first.

Back to how to do it. Last year I became one of a handful of Self Love Ambassadors across the country and took the 40 day self love challenge.
You can take that challenge, too. Visit MadlyInLoveWithMe.com and join the challenge. You'll get a mini adventure guide to get you started, complete with how to's, self love vow's and practical, fun self love practices. Before you do that, tune in to Welcome to Blissville at Empoweradio.com and listen to Christine Arylo share why she created the Madly In Love With Me International Day of Self Love. You'll get an earful, for sure!

Want more? Visit The Lance Armstrong Foundation at LiveStrong.com and read the article on Unconditional Self Love and Acceptance. According to the Foundation, "When you are the recipient of unconditional self acceptance and self-love from yourself, you feel:

• Free to be yourself
• That you have value and worth
• Wanted and desired for you as you are rather than for what you do
• Listened to and understood
• That you have yourself to offer others, which in itself is worthwhile

And so much more! There's a whole list of what you receive when you begin to love yourself first. There's also a whole list of what you don't get - like freedom to be yourself.

What's my secret? Everyday I'm doing the work, learning to love myself for exactly who I am and where I've been. Like the quote at the beginning - I'm learning to see clearly, with my heart.

Commit to making everyday Valentine's Day by loving you first. Go ahead, make everyday a love day!

Bliss ON!