Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blisstory Question

If you went back to college, what classes would you take? Would you try something new?

Four of our five kids are in college this year. Fortunately, one is on his way to graduating! With only one left in high school, both my husband and I decided it was time to hit the books and go back to school, too. Can't have the brood thinking they are way smarter than us! Me? I'm taking a Web Development class and my "fire fighter" is taking more fire safety classes. As if pulling the plug on every appliance in the house isn't enough!

I've been, mainly, a self taught web and internet junkie for almost twenty years. I bought my first computer, way back when the only way you could get on line was with AOL and web pages looked like a text document. At that time, my dad thought I was crazy for investing in such a ridiculous thing as a computer. He said it was just a glorified typewriter with a TV attached. Little did he know that 20 years later people would be watching their favorite TV on line!

We know how far websites have come; just take a look at Taco Bell or Burger King. Wow! They've integrated way more than food into their sites. Pretty soon you'll be able to grab a burger right of the page. Okay, I'd like to be involved with whoever develops that! Wait, maybe it will be me!

Back to reality! Today, there are more choices than ever and more people, young and old, back in the classroom. Think about it! What would you take if you went back to school? What are you taking if you are in school? Are you stepping outside your norm; learning something completely different or staying within your field of expertise? Me, I'm loving the idea of creating a totally cool website. Will let you know when it's up and you can grab a cup of coffee off the page!

Make it a blissful week!

The Bliss Lady

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Blisstory Journal Question of the week!

List a few of the things in life that make you smile.

No doubt we all have an endless list of things that make us smile. My list changes by the nanosecond. Looking around there are literally hundreds of things that have me grinning from ear to ear.

OK, let me just tell you what’s in plain sight – dogs laying at my feet, fresh, hot, delicious coffee on my desk, a lovely scented candle burning brightly, an empty bowl of yummy groats, an email from my husband, letting me know he made it to work safe and sound, and my computer screen flashing that my daughter is awake and ready to roll out of bed to visit OCC. She’s “a big girl now” and is starting her first day at OCC tomorrow. THAT WARMS MY HEART BEYOND WORDS! A GREAT BIG SMILE IS ON MY FACE!. Knowing that I created this bright, beautiful, sweet girl who has remarkably reached adulthood is an incredible feat in itself. I know many of you can feel my joy!

Most people think I live a Pollyanna life. Guess what, I do. I can’t remember a time that I couldn’t find something to smile about. How can I preach “choose bliss” if I can’t find something in each moment to bring me to a place of joy? Oh yea, I have moments of frustration, anger and downright bitchiness – I know how to pull myself out, quickly. For me it takes looking for beauty in each moment, having a sense of humor – laughing at myself, a lot, taking chances and having faith, hope and trust.

Today, send me one thing or 20 things that make you smile. Give me permission and I’ll post it on the ShareYourBliss page at TheBlissNetwork.com. Give others something to smile about!

The Bliss Lady

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Blisstory Journal Question of the week!

How, when and where did you learn to drive a car?

My friends son just got his license and my daughter wants a new car. The car she wants is a "stick" or manual transmission in case some of you don't know. She has never driven a stick. Brings back a lot of memories, for sure. Hmmm....Now, I'm going to sound like my mom. "When I grew up we had to ....."

I did learn how to drive in a car with an automatic transmission. My Drivers Ed class was in the middle of summer, no air conditioning in the classroom or the car! In fact, we learned on brand new cars (did I mention, "without air conditioning") in the parking lot of Ferndale High School. It was a 3 week course; three (?) hours a day of book work in the classroom (without a.c.) until the last week, then it was all road work. I think my daughter was only on the road three times before she passed the class.

My high school boyfriend had a Vega with a manual transmission. He taught me how to drive; again in the parking lot at Ferndale High School. I distinctly remember ending up on the lawn somehow, getting stuck in a rut, probably by hitting the gas pedal instead of the clutch. Either way, it wasn't a pretty sight and it was very inconvenient for the tow truck driver.

Today, my daughter wants to learn to drive a stick. Like my mom, I say that's a job for her Dad. I don't know if I have the patience to sit through the jerking back and forth, along with the starting and stalling. What I want to know is, how come kids don't learn on a stick from day one? Seems like it's much easier to transition from a stick to an automatic than from an automatic to a stick. Besides, it must be much cheaper to buy a stick; better gas mileage, too! Maybe I'll give the folks at Ford a call!

Any way, here's to safe, blissful driving!

The Bliss Lady