Saturday, December 31, 2011

For the love of Facebook, continued

Back in April I wrote a blog about Facebook on how friendships and deep connections are made through "friending people".  In that post I mentioned how a few years ago I thought it was crazy to be on Facebook and how much I really love it today!  As a follow up to that, I'm sharing a couple fabulous experiences and connections that were made through reaching out to people and posting on Facebook.

A month ago I had honor of following a story for Royal Oak Patch about "The Desert Angel" organization.  The first and second graders at Northwood Elementary were packing stockings to send to the troops overseas.  They packed over 100 stockings and included a sweet card with each one.  It inspired me to bake dozens of cookies myself to send out.  (I plan to do this every month for as long as I can - if you want to contribute, let me know!)

And then

I posted the article on my Facebook page and shared that I was baking the cookies.  Right away someone made a comment that while stationed in Iraq in 2009/2010 he had received numerous packages from the Desert Angel organization.  It touched him deeply, partially because he never knew how they got his name.  He posted that he was so grateful for the monthly gifts.  It gave him hope; something to look forward to month after month.

Shortly after he posted, another friend shared that her and her children attend packing parties on a regular basis through their church.  The soldier who posted above asked if she was the one who submitted his name.  Of course she was!  The soldier was finally able to put a name and face to the person who sent his name to The Desert Angel - a face and name to the person that, among many, appreciated his service to our country!   You all know I was in tears reading those posts on my page! 

Next up

Three weeks ago my brother, who like many, is laid off and living on a very limited budget, sent me a note saying he needed a new washing machine, "Be on the look out, will ya," he said! 

Well, I decided to put it out there to my wonderful Facebook friends!  Within in just a few minutes a very generous soul, who is experiencing her own challenges, posted on my page that she had a washing machine and he could pick it up - she gave it to him FOR FREE!!!  All he needed to do was figure out how to pick it up.  It took a couple of weeks, but he finally made it over there - works like a champ!  (We know what he'll be doing for New Years!)

Before Facebook the soldier may never have known who to thank for the generosity he received month after month while stationed over seas and my brother may have had to fork over a couple hundred bucks for a washing machine, at a time when he needed the cash more than ever before, 

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVE AND GENEROSITY!  Thank you Royal Oak Patch for the opportunity to share so many great stories with the world.

To those of you who think Facebook isn't worth the time, I urge you to reconsider - it's pretty amazing. I'm thankful to all of you that grace my page and my life, on and off of Facebook! 

Many blissings for a prosperous and joyful new year!  Keep connecting, keep sharing and this year, ask for what you need - you just might be surprised how it shows up in your life! 

Monday, December 19, 2011

Merry Blissmas - Everyday happiness

This is a repost from last December..Enjoy!

Merry Blissmas!

Yes, that's right Blissmas - An everyday celebration of happiness, joy and love = Blissmas!

Over the course of the year we tend to wait until this time of year to celebrate the abundance of joy and happiness in our lives. Why is that? We celebrate with lavish gifts and too much food. Why not break it all down over the course of the year and feel joy and abundance daily?

To be aware of the effects of celebrating “Blissmas” every day begin sharing more of your own happiness and passion with others. Quite possibly you will increase the happiness level of the people in your life, even in the lives of people you don't know - the Bliss Effect!

Not sure how to begin? Take baby steps. Start learning the habits of happy people, then incorporate some of those habits into your own life. Studies have shown that it takes a minimum of 21 days to make "something" a habit and that those habits take practice. Star athletes, musicians, and dancers, practice, practice, practice. Be the star of your own team and practice being happy.

Below is a list of 6 common habits of happy people.

- Be grateful - We ALL have something to be grateful for; like food, clothing, heat, children, snow days, smiles, music, partners, lovers. You get the point. Write a gratitude journal and say thank you more often.

- Savor simple pleasures - When was the last time you sat in a park and watched the birds or listened to children playing on the play ground? Stop for a few minutes a day to enjoy and savor the simple pleasures of life, nature is full of wonder and amazement.

- Join in - Be a part of "something", engage yourself in a cause, a club, a city council, a religious group. Participate in something you believe in.

- Love yourself - It's essential for being a happy person. To truly love anyone, we must love ourselves first. Create a self-love appreciation list and look at it often.

- Surround yourself with happy, supportive people - Choose like minded people to connect with. Positive energy is contagious. Your happiness level will increase simply by being around happy people.

- Ease up - Don't beat yourself up on the off days. We all have them. Give yourself permission to feel crabby, angry, frustrated. Simply allow it to move through you and reconnect with those moments of joy, happiness, and gratitude.

Live your bliss. We were born to be happy and are here to dream big and make those dreams a reality. Enjoy the trip by being as happy as possible and share that joy with those whose lives you touch.

Merry Blissmas to all!