Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blisstory Journal Question - page 32

Are you an art lover? Who is your favorite artist or photographer?

Without a doubt, my favorite photographer is my husband. He is a natural and has taken some of the most amazing shots I’ve seen. He’s built quite the reputation among his two favorite high schools as the best photographer they have and his pics are all over Facebook. Better yet are his photo’s of nature, particularly the squirrels and spiders he so loves to capture in the yard. (I'll share more about his work in another blog.)

Art is ‘a whole nother story.’ When it comes to art, there are so many choices. Each person has their own individual style, taste and flair, all of which can change minute by minute, depending on the mood. This is exactly what I shared this weekend with my new friend, artist Julie “Jules” Palms of


Jules artistic talents came to life five years ago, after the death of her mother. She expressed her grief by painting. Her method of painting is with her hands and what gifted hands she has. Seeing each piece come to life, I can only imagine the passion, love and energy she feels while painting. Expressed so deeply is the feeling of connectedness she delivers in each piece.

Saturday I was fortunate enough to spend the afternoon with Jules, viewing her incredible collection. So many of her pieces spoke to me; it was very difficult to decide which pieces I had to take home. I viewed the pieces first, and inquired about the names afterward. Of the 100 + in the studio, I took the 8 that spoke to me on the deepest levels. Guess which one spoke the loudest?

Bliss is a beautiful mix of colors, including greens, browns, oranges and deep reds. My friend Kim, who I so often write about, was dying to get her hands on my “Bliss” for her own studio office. Although I am committed to “sharing my bliss”, in this particular case, you will all have to find your own bliss, among Jules pieces.

A few of the others that spoke to me were: Partners, Soul Mates, Angel in My Corner, and On Fire. You can go to Jules-Art.com and check out her catalogue. Be sure to click on her “About Me” page to really get a feel for the love and beauty that Jules has to share. This week my favorite art is "hand-painted".

Thank you, Jules, for “making my heart smile!”

Blissfully yours, Teri

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Blisstory Journal Question - Page 91 Part 2

Do you volunteer for a charity? Tell about it.

For some people, it’s very hard to think about charity and making a contribution when they don’t know if they’ll have a paycheck next week. It’s even harder if you have a family to feed and clothe. During my “life as a mom” I’ve experienced many weeks of living paycheck to paycheck and wondering how I was going to feed my kids. Miracles prevail everyday; there was never a moment that we went hungry or couldn’t pay our bills – there was always enough work, enough food and more than enough kindness from friends, family, even strangers!

To some, I am that stranger. My anonymous donations or ability to pitch in where and when needed has added so much to others lives, I know this. It hasn’t stopped now. I will continue to give and make some type of charitable contribution for the rest of my life. As Wayne Dyer says, "it creates wonderful synergy." I do believe that no matter what circumstance we experience in life, ‘giving back’ is universal divinity! My spirit is richer and fuller, my life more complete because of my capacity to give back to humanity.

Yes, I do support one organization more than others;
Common Ground.

Common Ground is an organization that has changed/saved more lives than I can possibly share here. I can share that it changed mine and saved my children’s! Several years ago, two of our five children were experiencing severe challenges – one on the verge of suicide, one on the threshold of becoming lost in the system to drugs. Unfortunately, they have a family history of both. We were able to reach out to Common Ground and participate, at no charge, in the programs they provide for mental health and youth assistance. We are here today as a living, breathing example of the profound difference their services can make in your life.

May 3, 2009 we will be participating in Common Ground's first annual walkathon, WalkOnCommonGround, held on the beautiful campus of Oakland University in Rochester, MI. The walk includes 4 ½ miles of fun and fundraising. If you’ve ever participated in a walk before, you know how fun they can be. Follow our link


and register to become a part of our team today by walking with or making a monetary donation. Don’t let today’s “tough economic times” prevent you from giving back. You'll hear firsthand how deeply Common Ground has changed the lives of this family. Reach out and take a stand, “that you will not be afraid to make a difference; that you will not accept the constant negativity in the headlines; that you will create change.” Join us, walk with us, blog with us and continue to believe in miracles.

Create bliss now!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blisstory Journal Question - Page 91 Part 1

Do you volunteer for a charity? Tell about it.

Givers Gain
No, I’m not promoting BNI. What I’m talking about is “giving no matter what.”

I give every day of my life, sometimes in the form of a nice comment or compliment or something bigger, a monetary donation. Sunday brought an incredible reminder of how, even during these tough economic times, we can give by spending our money on the items or services we need through charitable events or organizations.

We tend to forget that the rise in homelessness affects more than just people; dogs, cats, ferrets, snakes-you name it, animals suffer from this crisis. Many people who can’t afford to keep their homes, can't keep their animals. The pets are left behind, let go or dumped on the street. I don’t know what the statistics are on the rise in homeless animals, but if the staggering increase in homeless people is any indication, the numbers must be horrific. For many animals, there’s hope.

At the Up Stares Salon on Washington and Fourth Steet in downtown Royal Oak a fantastic group of people got together and opened shop on Sunday. They cut hair for 5 hours and donated all the proceeds to AllAboutAnimalsrescue.org. It was an incredible day for all, including "Peaches" the terrier mix that greeted everyone that walked in. I thank the man/woman in the big “UPSTAIRS” that my husband and daughter decided to stay home Sunday afternoon or "Peaches" no doubt would have a new home – mine.

When I saw the bulletin, I immediately called my friend, Kim, and my Mom. Kim has a new stray herself and my Mom, well, with six kids, 14 grand children and 1 ½ great grand children, you know she’s been taking in strays her whole life. The Cut-a-thon presented the perfect example of ways we can continue to give, monetarily, at a time when we are watching our last dime. Everyone needs a haircut now and then – look for a place that will support a cause. We all had great stylists, Na-hee, Kim and Cheryl Lynn. Oh, and did I mention that it is an Aveda salon, what more can a girl ask for!

For your pet, supporting organizations like AllAboutAnimalsrescue.org means supporting an organization whose passion lies in making a difference for the part of society who’s only voice is a bark. AllAboutAnimalsrescue.org is founded and operated by an amazing group of animal lovers, whose heart and soul go into every second they spend at the clinic. The team provides spay and neuter clinics, wellness clinics and more at a fraction of the fees of your local Vet. Best of all, it is a “No Kill” organization; which means the animals rescued will find shelter among the many volunteers and foster families that help make it such a huge success. Besides needing money, they have a wish list of items, from old shirts for kitty beds to a building for spay/neuter clinics.

Remember, you can give simply by finding a place that uses your $$$ for charity! There are a lot of organizations that operate at the non-profit level, donate a portion of their proceeds to charity or support groups needing assistance. Send me a few of your favorites and we’ll pass them along!