Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bully's In The Work Place

It's been a crazy few weeks, with two children graduating from high school. In fact, it's been like that roller coaster ride at Cedar Pointe....The one I don't like anymore. I guess that comes with age.

Today when I opened my in box there was a note from Kim Levine, author and creator of Mommy Millionaire. Kim shared an article from the New York Times on bullying in the work place, women (people) ganging up on each other and attacking them personally. She said, "There's enough success for everyone to go around"! I believe her!

I've also experienced "the bully in the work place". I actually worked with a woman last year who had a cold. After I disinfected my area, she walked up to me, coughed in my face, and said, "There, now you can get sick, too." Wow! That was quite an assault. To say the least, "The Bliss Lady" is not sharing her bliss there! Although I do send her and the rest of the staff blessings of bliss, peace and prosperity.

Here's a blog I wrote last year around this time after listening to the Gayle King Show. As my children ceremoniously move on to another chapter in their lives, one step closer to "the working life" here's my take on how the corporate structure so closely resembles middle school written in May of 2008:

Sixth grade office politics, what's that all about. For the past nine months I've been bouncing from my bed, getting everybody up, organized, fed and out the door. Within minutes of the last one leaving, I headed off to the "office". What a delight. Ouch, did I say that? The team has subconsciously decided to remain in middle school, while in grown up bodies.

That's right, ladies and gents, just ask Gayle King, from Oprah and Friends on XM Radio. Last week, while driving home from the "office" Gayle read a wonderful recap on the comparison of the gang at the office to their "tags" in middle school; the jock, the bully, the cheerleader, etc. Take a look around you, where does your boss or secretary fit in?

As of today, I don't have either one. Oh, wait, yes I do, me. I no longer work with the bully or the jock and am back to being my own cheerleader. Total rebirth; for nine months I left my home office and punched a clock, listening day after day to the petty, nasty comments of my "coworkers" and employer. The jock, better than anyone else, good looking, yet very fake; the bully, overbearing, rude and vicious.

Be free, ladies and gents, of the baggage from middle school. Wake up to the real world and all it's gifts: light - love - laughter.

Get ready for the release of Kim Levine's new book, "The Mommy Manifesto". Until then, go to or, and pick up one of my books. There are no bully's around my water cooler!