Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Blissmas - Everyday happiness

Yes, that's right Blissmas - An everyday celebration of happiness, joy and love = Blissmas!

Over the course of the year we tend to wait until this time of year to celebrate the abundance of joy and happiness in our lives. Why is that? We celebrate with lavish gifts and too much food. Why not break it all down over the course of the year and feel joy and abundance daily?

To be aware of the effects of celebrating “Blissmas” every day begin sharing more of your own happiness and passion with others. Quite possibly you will increase the happiness level of the people in your life, even in the lives of people you don't know - the Bliss Effect!

Not sure how to begin? Take baby steps. Start learning the habits of happy people, then incorporate some of those habits into your own life. Studies have shown that it takes a minimum of 21 days to make "something" a habit and that those habits take practice. Star athletes, musicians, and dancers, practice, practice, practice. Be the star of your own team and practice being happy.

Below is a list of 6 common habits of happy people.

- Be grateful - We ALL have something to be grateful for; like food, clothing, heat, children, snow days, smiles, music, partners, lovers. You get the point. Write a gratitude journal and say thank you more often.

- Savor simple pleasures - When was the last time you sat in a park and watched the birds or listened to children playing on the play ground? Stop for a few minutes a day to enjoy and savor the simple pleasures of life, nature is full of wonder and amazement.

- Join in - Be a part of "something", engage yourself in a cause, a club, a city council, a religious group. Participate in something you believe in.

- Love yourself - It's essential for being a happy person. To truly love anyone, we must love ourselves first. Create a self-love appreciation list and look at it often.

- Surround yourself with happy, supportive people - Choose like minded people to connect with. Positive energy is contagious. Your happiness level will increase simply by being around happy people.

- Ease up - Don't beat yourself up on the off days. We all have them. Give yourself permission to feel crabby, angry, frustrated. Simply allow it to move through you and reconnect with those moments of joy, happiness, and gratitude.

Live your bliss. We were born to be happy and are here to dream big and make those dreams a reality. Enjoy the trip by being as happy as possible and share that joy with those whose lives you touch.

Merry Blissmas to all!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Time to listen

Rick Schaefer, M.D. posted this quote by Al Guyant on his blog, "The top three rules of effective communication are listen, listen, listen." It is a powerful blog and he offers the top ten ideas that Mr. Guyant suggests using for better listening. I've added some of my own, below.

Jeff (my husband) and I have been practicing mindfulness, meditation and deep listening at the Detroit Lotus Sangha in Ferndale. Detroit Lotus follows the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, who offers a simple yet profound way of being present in the world. When we began the process we realized that we really didn't listen deeply. Most of us get so caught up in what's happening in our own minds that we pretend to be listening, with simple responses like, "oh, wow, and uh-huh". I know - I do it.

Listening is a skill that we can learn, and "good-listening" will enhance the quality of every relationship, whether personal or professional; your loved ones will realize that you really care and your clients/customers will appreciate that you actually pay attention to their wants and needs. Think about how you like to be treated and you'll know that this feels true.

Here are 8 tips to begin practicing being a better listener. Don't forget to take time to listen to yourself.

1. Be sure to allow enough time for the conversations you share - remember it's a conversation and allow ample time for BOTH parties to converse

2. Be present - keep yourself tuned in to the moment

3. Minimize outside distractions

4. Focus on what they are saying

5. Don't think about what YOU want to say

6. Ask questions, the basics: who, what, where, why, when and how

7. When you ask a question, be patient for the response. Don’t anticipate what you think the response will be

8. Don't give advice unless you are asked

Every day I catch myself not practicing these suggestions (a few years ago, I wouldn't have) especially number 8, particularly when I'm talking with my children. It's my nature to want to solve their problems and see them shine. Simply being aware of the moment that you really need to "be present" in a conversation is a great way to begin.

Here's to sharing your bliss and being heard!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top 10 reasons to write a book

Blisstory Question: Have you ever wanted to write a book?

Currently I have published 3 books, with many more on the way, including 2 manuscripts. Simply completing that first one was such an incredible feeling. Even more amazing was when I actually began to sell a few, then a few more, then a few more.

With each one I've gained more and more insight as to why everyone, especially a business owner, needs to write a book of their own. When I meet with clients, one of the best tools I can give them is The Blisstory Journal. Filled with over 365 questions of the past, present and future, the book immediately gives them insight into themselves. Whether they share the answers with me or not, the process helps me get to know them better because they begin to look at themselves with more joy. It also reaffirms my message - helping them love and accept themselves as they are right now.

Here are my top 10 reasons to get started on yours today:

1. Everyone Has a Story - Simply being alive gives you a basis for a story. We all have a story, sometimes we just don't know where to start. If you are a business owner, you have a lot of information to share. Think about how you started - what is your why? Share your passion, share your success story.
2. Expertise - When you are write about your industry, you automatically become an expert in your field.
3. Elevated Status - Generally speaking, authors are respected by the community. This will put you on a whole new playing field.
4. It's Easy! - Once you get started. For some, it's just getting started. Try writing in a journal for 21 days. The Blisstory Journal is a great tool for getting started, with over 365 questions for you to answer.
5. Increases Your Visibility - You can reach a global audience faster - radio and TV people love to interview authors.
6. Competitive Edge - Being an author or expert in your field gives you a bonus over your competition.
7. Income Stream - The obvious is that they become part of your product list on your website. At any event you participate in, whether it's a networking event, trade show or speaking engagement, you will always have books available for sale.
8. Spin Off Products - You can create additional products from your book - such as workshops and journals.
9. Books Change Lives - When you share your passion and a powerful topic, you have the capacity to change lives, especially your own.
10. Leave a Legacy/Become Immortal - Books seldom go in the garbage. Your children will keep yours long after you are gone, to be shared with family and friends. Most people either donate books to charity, sell them at garage sales or cash them in at used book stores. Your book will continuously cycle.

What are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper - start writing your story today!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Here's to a BLISS FULL Thanksgiving

Two of my favorite words are Thank You! It still amazes me how wonderful it feels to say and hear those words.

When I say them, I know that something wonderful has taken place. It could be as simple as someone holding a door for me or as huge as someone buying my groceries. Yes, that actually happened for me one year.

Several years ago, as a single mom, I literally lived paycheck to paycheck. Taking care of all the responsibilities was a tremendous effort. One Saturday afternoon, just before Thanksgiving, my sister and brother in law called to invite me shopping at my favorite store, Costco. They had just won a little extra cash and wanted to buy us food! After grabbing a few items, literally, my brother in law said, "What's that? That's not going to feed you all!" They joyfully went up and down each aisle until my cart was overflowing with enough food to feed the 3 of us for 4 months! What BLISS!

How many times a day do you say, "Thank you"? How many times a day do you hear those words? Pay attention. When we hear those words it means we've done something or said something to make a difference in another persons life. The gift of a thank you is free!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
William Arthur Ward

Thank you all for being part of my blissful universe! Here's to a BLISS FULL Thanksgiving!

In gratitude....Teri

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time to take more Bliss Breaks

Photo by Jeffrey Williams

The holiday season has not even officially started and people are already feeling over stressed and burned out. What's going to happen next week when the Thanksgiving festivities begin?

"We are so busy that we've multitasked our way right out of the present moment" says Thomas Crum, author of Three Deep Breaths.

Where is the bliss in that? Reconnecting with our inner joy is essential to creating peace in our lives. You don't need a 10 day vacation in the islands to find it (okay, I admit that might be nice as the weather changes.) You can start right now creating inner harmony, making room for less stress, by taking much needed bliss breaks.

Here a 7 tips to add to your tool kit and make your life a little lighter:

1. Breathe deep at least 3 times per day - Stop whatever you are doing at least 3 times per day and take 3 deep, slow purposeful breaths - filling your lungs with oxygen and your soul with life. This brings a sense of inner tranquility and can soothe away any tension.

2. Take a 15 minute walk, preferably in nature - Simply walk at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Pay attention to the ebb and flow of the natural world. There is a sweet sensation that comes over us when we observe the synchronicity of life through animals and plants.

3. Remove one thing from your life that is non-essential - We fill our time with non-essential "stuff". Think about what you do on a daily basis, ask yourself is it really bringing you joy? Eliminate one thing that feels daunting and taxing.

4. Laugh, laughter feeds the soul - Watch your favorite comedy, write down and relive the funniest thing that ever happened to you or simply sit and laugh. Laughter helps you take things lightheartedly and is one of the best forms of medicine.'s FREE!

5. Listen to music everyday - Turn on your favorite tunes and listen. Sing if it makes you feel good, out loud if you can. Focusing on music can reduce pain, decrease depression and bring about a sense of calm.

6. Practice gratitude - Look forward to every day and be grateful for each moment. In any given minute we can find something to be grateful for; sometimes we simply don't see it. Start a gratitude journal, share with your friends what you are thankful for, including them, practice saying, "Thank you" more often.

7. Of course, Smile! No explanation needed!

Isn't it time you took a bliss break?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Share your blissings

“What you give is what you get so be sure to give the best of what you imagine, of what you have, of what you are.” From Awakening to the Spirit World
Photo's by Jeffrey Williams

Sharing love and happiness, pure blissings, comes naturally to me. It can begin with a simple smile or hello to a stranger and go on to include helping out a friend or neighbor. We all have “stuff” that holds our attention, that keeps us stuck in being “selfish instead of selfless”. Sometimes the best way to get over it is to pitch in and help someone else, turning on the light and giving a spark of joy.

Last week, while at the grocery store, I witnessed a lone mother spill her bags next to her car. She was clearly in distress juggling a baby on one hip and a small child at her side. Naturally, I walked over and helped her, as many others just watched. She was a little apprehensive at first. People aren’t used to the kindness of strangers

When we were just about finished, an employee stopped to help. The cute little mom offered him a tip and he politely refused, saying he was happy to be of help. One simple gesture of kindness lifted her spirits and changed the course of her afternoon. What did it take for us to do that; minutes, seconds? Time really meant nothing.

How do you share your bliss? Are you stuck standing on the side of the parking lot wondering what to do? Do you offer a friendly hello to a stranger? What’s holding you back from being a light? Here are ten easy ideas to get you started.

1. Smile and say hello to strangers
2. Drop dinner /dessert off to a friend just because
3. Open a door for someone
4. Hold the elevator
5. Give genuine compliments
6. Let someone in line ahead of you
7. Buy coffee (or lunch) for the person in line behind you
8. Send a card or flowers to someone for no reason
9. Volunteer at a shelter for children, unwed mothers or the homeless
10. Listen, really listen, as someone tells their story

Spreading your blissings is quite rewarding; once you get started it’s hard to stop. Like the Allstate Commercial, it’s amazingly contagious. Imagine, what the world would be like if every one of us took just a few seconds a day to do something spontaneously nice…I can see it now!

Need more ideas, E-mail me… I love sharing a little bliss!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Old Fashioned Customer Service

Growing up there was a family owned pharmacy around the corner from us. The pharmacists, first Marty than Al, knew our family by name - all 8 of us. No doubt they knew the names of every regular customer that walked through the door. They went above and beyond, with free delivery to patients, discounts when available and taking special care of the senior citizens. They are long gone, replaced by CVS, Rite Aid, Medco and other mail order prescription programs.

Fast forward - A few months ago we found a wonderful new pharmacy, ZMC Pharmacy, just outside of downtown Royal Oak (Michigan) that believes in the "old school" principles of great customer service - know your community, listen to your customers and be courteous and compassionate. Pharmacists Jalal and Louis know their stuff and go out of their way to accommodate their clientele.

"We were established by pharmacists who specifically wish to provide a higher level of attention to our patients. Our main focus is to offer our patients outstanding patient care and a personalized approach to their health care. By knowing your pharmacist, you have a great start to improving the quality of your health care."

NO THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT! Simply sharing something that's working!

We don't take much in the way of prescription medicine, when we do, we want to buy from a source we trust, plus we really like to support local business owners. Factor in the rising costs of health care and we all like to get them at a reasonable price. At ZMC it's all of the above and more. Saturday I dropped off a prescription. They didn't have it in stock and had to order it, which would take a day. Louis offered to look on line before I returned to see if there was a manufacturers coupon available. That has never happened with me at CVS. Additionally, he spent a few minutes sharing printed material with my husband on why taking Niacin is so important and how he can save a few bucks on his next purchase.

So, if you live or work around Royal Oak I strongly suggest you transfer your prescriptions to ZMC. If you're in business I hope you'll follow their model. Today's crazy economy mandates that we do what we can to keep our customers just that - our customers!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Where would you be if you could be anywhere else? How about right where you are...

Monday, I had the unexpected opportunity of driving up to Alpena with my brother and my son. After my transmission blew on the way, my brother, Thom, graciously dropped his plans for the day and scooped us up for a long drive.
(The picture to the right is actually a picture of Thom as "The Jimmer" in "Escanaba in Da Moonlight". Quite a fitting picture, I thought.)

I've traveled quite extensively throughout the U.S, never out of the country. Many times I've had trips abroad planned and paid for, only to have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances. Most of the time I take it as the Universe's way of telling me to stay put.

Where would you be if you could be anywhere? For me, the answer to that question is pretty simple. Right here, right now. Where would I want to be other than the present moment? I am so grateful every minute to be exactly where I am, Blissville. Every day we are simply passengers on the road of life, with a choice to enjoy the view. For me, Monday was no different.

As I sat in the back seat of my brothers car I really had the opportunity to pay attention, to be mindful of the moment. What else was I going to do? Read, write, sleep or watch the view of Michigan and our beautiful Lake Huron. I chose to stay awake and enjoy the view.

I've been practicing mindfulness and awareness for quite some time. This practice constantly reminds me to be present with where I am and who I am with. I was in a vehicle traveling up the shores of Lake Huron from Detroit to Alpena. It's wonderful to see the change from summer to fall, with winter close behind. The further we traveled along the colors changed from crimson red to golden yellow; in some areas the trees were already bare. The waves were about 2' high and continuously crashed along the shoreline creating a picturesque scene. Every now and then we spotted a deer or flock of birds as they migrated south. It was truly breathtaking.

What was even more incredible was listening to my son and my brother chat, laugh and sing. Every now and then I piped up with a few comments of my own. Mainly, I simply enjoyed the sounds of the two of them loving life, laughing out loud and living in the moment. It could have been a great commercial for American Express - You know, peanut butter and jelly $4.00, ticket $40, transmission work $400 - hanging with the boys, priceless...Even listening to both of them sing Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze over and over wasn't so bad.

Today, I encourage you to take a look around, take a walk, or take a drive with a friend, and be present to where you are and who you're with; find a little bliss. Even in the midst of a big city, there's joy - sometimes you simply need to be open...

A Bliss Challenge...when you're roaming around, pay attention to the times you see the word "bliss" on a billboard, banner, storefront, maybe even a bumper sticker. Take a picture of it and send it in to one here is from my friend Alexx) We know it's out there...We want to know if you've "Got Bliss?" We will host a random drawing the first week of every month. One lucky winner will receive our custom "Got Bliss?" stickers. Thank you in advance And Many BLISSINGS to you all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just Connect - Share your bliss

Yesterday I had lunch with a new friend, Brent Carey. Brent has created a wonderful, inspiring Internet Radio Station called Empower Radio. Each of the hosts and guests provide something to enhance, uplift and inspire your life. As we ate fabulous Thai dishes, prepared by my friend, Nokki, owner of Sukhothai Restaurant in Oak Park, our conversation naturally led to 3 things: happiness (bliss, of course), love and connecting.

The Dalai Lama says happiness can be found in 2 words - Just Connect. That's exactly what we were doing. In fact, we met by connecting on Facebook. Facebook alone has empowered millions of people to connect more than any platform ever has. Many people have escaped loneliness simply by "friending" someone on Facebook or joining any one of the thousands and thousands of groups and pages.

Each of us yearns for happiness and love. We begin our journey in life knowing nothing less. Through time, society plugs in, bombarding us with untruths and negativity from every direction. One can't help but get caught up in that flow. We can, however, choose a "different" station, a "different" path, by connecting with others who radiate within them joy, peace and love - thus bringing us closer to living and sharing our own bliss.

The Dalia Lama Says "Life dominated by misknowledge will always be unsatisfactory, but that is not a final destination; it means that we can develop wisdom to eliminate misknowledge and then live free in bliss and share that bliss with others."

If you're feeling anything less than "empowered" in life, stop what you are doing right now, take a deep breath, and say to yourself, "I choose a different path, I choose bliss" and get connecting. Not sure where to start? Connect with me on Facebook, Linked In or Twitter! I'd be happy to share a little bliss!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perspective - from a hawks view

Photo's by Jeffrey Williams

This weekend I was one of a handful of people invited to speak in Ohio at the celebration and launch of Patrick Abec's new book, "Small Business Review - Top Stories of 2010". Most of the speakers are featured in the book, including me. Why? We are entrepreneurs who have experienced challenges, tragedies and more and are finding our way to success.

Sounds like a lot of you, right? It definitely fits for most of my colleagues, friends and clients. We have all experienced suffering at one point in our lives. Mine is no greater or less than yours - it simply is.

On the way to the festivities, my husband and I witnessed the incredible migration of hawks as they traveled south. There were literally hundreds of them. Hawks have an amazing ability to adapt and survive in almost any condition. Each culture has their own definition of the messages available when witnessing a hawk. Some include: seeing the big picture, empowerment for finding the positive, being awake and aware that you can achieve great things by persistence and strength of will. Patrick’s book has over 85 messages of hope, perseverance and joy.

During the event I shared an experience that was deeply powerful and changed my life. 10 years ago my family was in a crisis. One afternoon I literally locked myself in the bathroom and prayed for a miracle. Days later, we experienced a house fire. I didn't know then the power that event would have in my life. However, sometime later I filed for divorce, from my second marriage. Both of my previous husbands were addicts; one to alcohol, the other to pain medication. 2 years later I married a fire fighter, my best friend and partner.

Our mission: sharing simple ways
to incorporate more joy into your life, easily and effortlessly,
both personally and professionally.

Today, The Bliss Network supports the business community with practical easy solutions in website development, social networking, promotions and publishing. Additionally, I host and teach workshops in self love, masterminding, intention setting and much more. I take what works for me, what keeps me smiling and share it with my clients to enhance their life.

"From the top of the mountain we witness life from a new perspective." The Daily Om, Saturday, October 10, 2010.

Doesn't that sound a little like a hawk soaring above? I say we can capture that perspective every morning when we wake up - regaining our strength and composure from whatever happened the day before and begin anew, creating ways in which to live a happier life.

Simply put...
we can choose bliss!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Everday - Breast Cancer Awareness

Fifteen years ago, at age 65, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was one of the most significant days of my life, one that changed the way I live forever. She is one of the lucky ones, if you can call any part of her experience lucky. After a mastectomy, she survived - without having to undergo chemo or radiation treatments.

6 years later came another shocking diagnosis, lung cancer. Her doctor basically told us to take her to Vegas for a long, loving vacation. He did not think she would make it beyond 6 months. After having a lobectomy (right lung) she is cancer free. Again, no chemo or radiation. She's as sassy and spunky as ever, and in her words, "lucky, lucky, lucky!" (Me, too!)

We all know that the odds of developing breast cancer are much higher when a parent is diagnosed, so I take pretty good care of myself in the hopes that I will remain healthy and cancer free for the rest of my life. I'm thankful though to know that there is help out there for me and anyone else that needs it through organizations like Susan G. Koman, Karmanos Cancer Institute and more.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 Through Friday, October 8, 2010, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Bliss Network and Girlavanting will be donating 20% of the proceeds from "Girlavanting, The Girls Guide to Balance, Bliss and Fun!" to the cause. Girlavanting, endorsed by Marianne Williamson, is a delightful book created to inspire, motivate and honor women of all ages, everywhere.

Celebrate the bonds of sisterhood by giving a copy of Girlavanting to all of the ladies in your life: sisters, friends, moms, daughters, and more!

In my life, breast cancer awareness is every minute of every day. Learn what you can do to prevent or heal from this devastating disease.

Bliss ON!

P.S. Visit for additional tips on what you can do to help yourself in the prevention of Breast Cancer

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect

This is the last week of the 40 day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse and I've been a little behind in posting a weekly blog. Why? Because I'm having sooo much fun hanging out with my Inner Nice Girl! I'm catching up, though. This post is all about Unrealistic Expectations....the ones we bring on ourselves...

After having children and working from home, I realized, my house can be a mess and it's OK. I don't have to live up to anyone else's expectations and can lower my own once in a while. Everything will still be there. Life will go on...and on and on...

I used to get up extra early just to put the dishes away, mop the floors and wipe down the bathroom, especially if company or a client were coming over. (Okay, so I still get up early to wipe down the bathroom, OCD tendencies...LOL) When hosting the party, everything had to be ready right on time; cooking started days before. The dogs were sent on their own play date so as not to disrupt things too much. The kids were always dressed in something cute and spunky. Thank God my parents lived close enough to help.

As a work from home parent, the battle to keep it all together was always happening: house, kids, carpool, homework, clients in and out, working at 5:00 am before the kids got up, did I say homework and more homework, theirs and mine.

When my husband and I were married, both having been married before, we joined households and went from 2 kids to 5 kids; sometimes we really had a mess. 5 kids with 5 friends over, well, you get the picture. Who can keep up with that. At one point they were all teenagers, doing crazy teenager things and then some...Our house was/is where the strays would land, kids and dogs alike. It was hard enough keeping snacks in the cupboard and dinner on the table, let alone worrying about whether the dishes were done or the floors were mopped. There's more to life than cleaning and working- like family game or movie night, walks to the park, meditation and visiting the ice cream store.

Today, I figure why should I mop the floors before a party when they are just going to get dirty anyway. When making dinner plans, I go for the crock pot - let it do all the cooking. (I've got a some great vegetarian recipe's if you're interested, no one will ever know the difference, not even the kids!) Today, the dogs stay put. When we host a bash, it's a play date for everyone, including our furry friends.

And since my office is still in my house, I can walk into a meeting with dog hair on my pants and don't feel like I have to explain a thing. I can write a piece with a few mistakes, because someone needed something at exactly the time I began writing, and the only ones that are judging me are the ones stuck in their own "perfect world".

The plaque on my wall reads Perfectly's a great way to live!

Bliss ON!

I am participating in the Inner Mean Girl 40-Day Cleanse as a Self-Love Ambassador. To thank me for my participation, I will receive a self-love gift from the founders of the Inner Mean Girl Reform School.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Detox from negativity by counting your blissings

Photos by JAW Dropping Photography, Jeffrey Williams

What is the first thing you think of when you awake? What is the last thought you have before you go to bed? Those are 2 of the first questions to ask your clients when they are in a funk. How we begin and end each day sets the tone for our lives. Choosing to live a blissful life takes work. Start at the beginning, by counting your blissings and your work becomes a little easier. By default, gratitude makes us happier.

Abraham-Hicks said, "You have the ability to pivot under any and all conditions. But most of you are habitual in nature, and your patterns are so well entrenched that at times the fastest path to the joy you seek is for you to take your pivot as you sleep. By reaching for good-feeling thoughts before you go to sleep and then experiencing the benefit of the quiet mind that occurs while you sleep—and then upon awakening, immediately turning to good-feeling thoughts—you can accomplish the ultimate Pivoting experience."

Whether you are spiritual/religious or not, every minute gives you the opportunity to count your "blissings", those little (sometimes big) things in life that make you feel joyful, lively, and thankful.
Studies have shown that by practicing being grateful we experience lower levels of depression and stress, are more optimistic about the future, exercise more, are more likely to reach personal goals, and have more capacity for compassion and forgiveness, including forgiving ourselves.

We are creatures of habit so for the next 7 days Detox from negative thinking by beginning and ending each day with a joyful thought, one of gratitude, focusing on the abundance in your life and counting your blissings. Here's a start, "I am breathing, I am alive, I am connected to something". Easily and effortlessly begin to get rid of the harmful toxins of negativity by replacing them with light and joy.

Bliss ON!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Obligatory Obligations...

Don't do anything that you don't really want to do. Keep yourself in a place of feeling good. Reach for the thought that feels better -- and watch what happens. --- Abraham

Week 3 of the Inner Mean Girl Cleanse

Here we are at week 3 of our Inner Mean Girl Cleanse and I am writing my "obligatory" blog on "obligation". There are over 20 different definitions of the word "obligation" at For this blog, I'll go with:

1. something by which a person is bound or obliged to do certain things, and which arises out of a
sense of duty or results from custom, law, etc.
2. something that is done or is to be done for such reasons: to fulfill one's obligations.
3. a favor, service, or benefit for which gratitude is due.

I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and really don't feel an obligation to write this blog. In fact, it's actually very therapeutic. I've written 3 of them so far, just on this topic. The first 2 are in my notebook, marked private, in the hopes that my family doesn't read it if they ever find it.

Between traveling and stay-cations the last few weeks, I've gotten behind on quite a few things. The reminder to do everything from a place of love could not have been sent at a more perfect time. Yes, the Universe does provide, as long as we stay awake and listen!

This week, I found myself doing many things I didn't really want to do and getting caught up in my own inner turmoil. When I was working, I thought the obligatory, "I should be cleaning, cooking or calling my mom". When I was cleaning, cooking, or chatting with my mom, I found myself thinking, "I should be working. I need to write that article or blog. I need to connect with so and so." And if I took a break from both, my first thought was, "I really should be working or doing laundry." The battle was being fought from every side.

I really thought I had a good handle on "living my bliss" and doing what felt right, on living from a place of love. I literally had to stop myself on several occasions for a reality check. We can only do so much and we really "should" love what we do and do what we love. I'm in to taking more bliss breaks!

Tomorrow the laundry is going to pile up and I'm heading off to Girlavant with my daughter - It's the perfect day for a massage and lunch, the loving thing to do for us all! Thanks, Christine and Amy for giving us permission to play and enjoy the hell out of it!

Bliss ON!

I am participating in the Inner Mean Girl 40-Day Cleanse as a Self-Love Ambassador. To thank me for my participation, I will receive a self-love gift from the founders of the Inner Mean Girl Reform School.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

September - Take a Bliss Break

6 Tips to Get Back to The Basics
Photos by Jeffrey Williams, JAW Dropping Photography

Summer is officially over. The kids are back in school, the weather is getting cooler and Labor Day is behind us. After flitting all over with kids and spouses it's time to get back to business. No more sleeping in, working from the pool or camping in the back yard. It's time to get organized and get going, without forgetting to take a few Bliss Breaks!

By this time of summer, I'm usually very happy to get back to my routine. Over the course of the last few weeks I really got sucked into summer. We spent a lot of time "Staycationing", entertaining and hanging out. We especially took time to enjoy nature and started walking more than we have in a long time, appreciating the balance, the ying and yang of life.

In a post on the Becoming Minimalist Blog,Bill Gerlach said,"Nature does not want. The natural world lives in balance. There is no greed for more. Nature uses only what it needs to thrive in the most basic yet amazing way."

Taking my cue from the natural world before I dive in to work, I'm getting back to the basics, through balancing my time and work. Yes, I'm getting more organized. Below are 6 tips I found to help me along the way:

Organize First - then go shopping for what you need. Purge and donate items you haven't used in 6 months or more. Once you have everything in place, purchase any storage or filing items you need.
Set your timer - to manage your time wisely. Before you begin any task, think about how long it will really take and set the timer. Allow yourself ample time to complete the project.
Choose a calendar system - one that works best for your specific style. Today's cell phones have wonderful tools that can synch with Outlook, Yahoo, Google and more.
Write down the 3 most important tasks of the day - and stick with it until they are complete. Once you know the dirty work is done, the rest comes easy, and with less stress!
Say "NO" more often - You don't have to do everything. Be more selective about what meetings you schedule, what events you attend and how often you pitch in to help.
Take BLISS Breaks - Take breaks often to enjoy the moment. Stretch, get a cup of tea, walk around the block (or office), read something uplifting or positive, meditate. Did you know you can close your eyes, breathe deep and meditate in just minutes? A simple 1 to 3 minute meditation can truly enhance the quality of your day. (Of course, a 20 minute meditation is even better!)

As the leaves begin to turn to vibrant shades of yellow, orange and red, I'm appreciating the view from y office window and the cool, crisp air blowing in. It's a lot different than sitting at the lake, but just like nature, I'm going with the flow.

Whatever you are doing this fall, honor you and your space by getting a little more organized. Get back to nature if you can and carry your bliss with you so you're ready for a spontaneous Bliss Break anytime.

Bliss ON!

P.S. Click Here to download a free copy of The Blissness Plan -
The perfect resource for adding more bliss to your life!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stop Comparisons and Be Gentle On Yourself

"Be gentle with yourself, there is no one quite like you - What a miraculous thought!"

Week 2 of the 40 Day Inner Mean Girl Cleanse

This week's IMG challenge of comparison reminded me of something from my past. A former teacher used to tell me , "Be gentle with yourself, there is no one quite like you!" She was so right!

Every time I find myself going down that lonely "if only" road I stop myself and breathe - finding that one thing that I feel wealthy and inspired in, adding a mental thank you to the universe, including the who or what that popped up to bounce me down that path. Yes, that Inner Mean Girl works hard to bring us down sometimes.

This week, I walked into an event that was supposed to be casual. I wore jeans and a wonderful summer shirt. Looking around, I noticed everyone was in a dress. Yes, I felt totally out of place - for a minute! What the heck, I was very comfortable. To me, there's nothing like a great pair of jeans!

Two things immediately came to mind. One, the room was freezing and I was going to be warm, especially since I had the foresight to bring a sweater. Two, since there were no pads on the wood chairs, my legs were going to be nice and warm. I founds something to appreciate and feel grateful for. I still imagined that a few women were thinking I was totally out of place. WHATEVER! (My childrens favorite response to everything)

We have literally thousands of impressions that run through our minds at any given moment. There's always a choice as to which impression we will follow, keeping in mind that we are way beyond our bodies and our minds. We are "super-blissilicious" souls spreading our wings and flying high.

David Ji of the Chopra Center says, "This moment right now can be the most amazing moment in your life regardless of what is swirling around you...It's always a choice!"

Bliss ON!!

I am participating in the Inner Mean Girl 40-Day Cleanse as a Self-Love Ambassador. To thank me for my participation, I will receive a self-love gift from the founders of the Inner Mean Girl Reform School.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gossip, Gossip, Gossip!

Week One of My Inner Mean Cleanse with
Christine Arylo and Amy Ahlers

Gossip - Enough is Enough!

So, I'm perfectly imperfect. Yes, that has been my mantra around the house for years. Every now and then I rationalize why it's "OK" to say just this one thing about "someone" or "something" and to jump in and comment when my girls are talking trash about someone. Why? Because I'm human.

In following the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh I have learned to step back and be aware of when I do fall into the "gossip" trap. However, because I do have that "Inner Mean Girl" who randomly wants to be heard, sometimes my awareness button doesn't turn on.

Does being aware that my awareness button didn't turn on count as part of the process to cleaning up that "Inner Mean Girl"?

One thing I've realized is that I am aware of when I am falling into that space and catch myself by using the tips suggested - changing the subject or finding something nice to say instead. Sometimes I even boldly state that "I am not commenting" or "I am practicing kindness and compassion". This week I added, "I'm getting rid of that 'Inner Mean Girl' and we are working on speaking with love." That really sparked a conversation, starting with "Who the heck is she?"

This week it was particularly challenging for me as I was with a friend who loves to gossip. At times I found myself rationalizing as to why it was OK to discuss this topic, even though I knew it was still gossip. In the end I literally had to walk away so I didn't get sucked further into the abyss.

The bottom line is that it's not OK to gossip. It's really just the ego's way of stepping in to control something that is of no value or use to us. Most of the time it's easy for me to say, "I don't even want to know or hear about it". Focusing on kindness and compassion is the key. Knowing that each and every one of us suffers in some way makes it easy to find something to love and cherish in others.

This week's challenge only reinforced my mission of sharing a little more bliss with the planet. Can't wait to see what's next!

P.S. I am participating in the Inner Mean Girl 40 Day Cleanse as a Self Love Ambassador. To thank me for my participation, I will receive a self-love gift from the founders of Inner Mean Girl Reform School.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two Magic Words

By Guest Blogger Kate Nasser

(This, to me, seems so simple....Really felt it needed sharing...)

Two Magical Words for Best 21st Century People-Skills

Two recent experiences gave me insight to update this post (original was June 2010) to include even more value of the two magical words. Enjoy this post and the updates shown below in green.
As you read the title of this post, two magical words for the best people-skills (also known as soft skills or interpersonal skills), you might immediately think of please and thank you. While these classics are still very valuable people-skills words, they are superseded by two words that are magical even when you just think them.

Could the two words be:

Trust & respect? Admittedly crucial yet just thinking them doesn’t necessarily produce great interactions.

Intuition & connection? Some people have little intuition yet they learn great people-skills.

What are the two magical words for the best 21st century people-skills?

“What If”

What if … helps you consider other people’s views.
What if … bonds with diverse customers.
What if … delivers unique customer care.
What if … engages and empowers employees.
What if … builds bonds on teams.
What if … leads people out of the fear of the unknown.
What if … frees you of the limits of your own perspective.
What if … encourages people to think outside-the-box.
What if … allows a fresh start after poor performance.
What if … opens people’s minds to constructive criticism.

What else does this magical two word phrase do? Or do you have another favorite two word phrase for the best 21st century people-skills?

Kate Nasser is The People-Skills Coach and brings her insights to your organization in workshops, webinars, and dvds on profitable people-skills for teamwork and customer care. See her in action at Kate Nasser video footage.

What if you choose bliss? Imagine...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Women's Equality Day - Everyday!

Women's Equality Day

August 26 is designated in the United States as Women's Equality Day. Instituted by Rep. Bella Abzug and first established in 1971, the date commemorates the passage of the 19th Amendment, the Woman Suffrage Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which gave U.S. women full voting rights in 1920.

At that time, the vote rested in the hands of one voter, Harry Burns. Evidently, Mr. Burns voted in favor of the amendment thanks to a note from his mother reminding him, "Don't forget to be a good boy and vote for suffrage".

Bella Abzug was known for her passionate work in the peace movement, for civil liberties and for feminism. She was truly a leader in increasing public awareness that women are not to be treated unfairly in any way, shape or form.

The full text of the resolution is as follows:

'Joint Resolution of Congress, 1971 Designating August 26th of each year as
Women's Equality Day

WHEREAS, the women of the United States have been treated as second-class citizens and have not been entitled the full rights and privileges, public or private, legal or institutional, which are available to male citizens of the United States; and

WHEREAS, the women of the United States have united to assure that these rights and privileges are available to all citizens equally regardless of sex;

WHEREAS, the women of the United States have designated August 26th, the anniversary date of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment, as symbol of the continued fight for equal rights: and

WHEREAS, the women of United States are to be commended and supported in their organizations and activities,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that August 26th of each year is designated as "Women's Equality Day," and the President is authorized and requested to issue a proclamation annually in commemoration of that day in 1920, on which the women of America were first given the right to vote, and that day in 1970, on which a nationwide demonstration for women's rights took place."

Every day, across the globe, millions of women are still treated as second class citizens, or worse. Here in the U.S. it is witnessed in our Government, in the work place and in the playing field; literally every aspect of life. We have come so far, yet still have such a long way to go.

I urge you to celebrate Women's Equality Day every day (and so does your mother!)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Time to get rid of that "Inner Mean Girl" and start talking nice to you!

You are worth it!

This afternoon is a big day for me! I am joining women all across the country to get rid of that "Inner Mean Girl". I know it's hard for some of you to believe that "The Bliss Lady" actually has that "not so special" someone nagging at her insides now and then. Well, I do and it's high time she hit the road!

Last year I was very fortunate to run across Christine Arylo and her 40 Self Love Challenge. You may remember that we hosted a "Self Luvapalooza" right here in Birmingham, Michigan. I've been following Christine ever sense and love her wit, her charm and her ability to share simple secrets on connecting with who you really are - like how to fall in love with yourself on a daily basis.

My own "Inner Mean Girl" is constantly vying for center stage. For instance, yesterday I decided to take a walk and meditate. She let me know that I "should be working on my site, my blog and my clients list" instead of out playing. Playing, wrong - me time, YES!!! Fortunately for me, she didn't win - I DID NOT take her on a walk with me.

Today is the beginning of a 40 Day Cleanse on getting rid of that nasty little girl who sometimes roars loudly to say, "You are not doing it right" or "That's not good enough". We all have heard that voice before. I am joining Christine Arylo and Amy Ahlers in a revolution ... stepping into the light of love and teaching that little girl how to be free from lack, insecurity and self hate. I hope that you will all take this opportunity to join me in letting go and living your life in BLISS!!

It's not too late - click here now and see for yourself! Oh, and did I mention it's FREE!!!! What have you got to lose? Oh, yea, a lot!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Back Pack Thing

Last year my friend Judy Davids and I were "crying over breakfast" about the state of affairs our community was in - mainly job losses (including ours) and foreclosures - bottom line, homelessness. People were losing their jobs and homes and ending up in the streets; some were people we knew, many were strangers. We wanted to help in some way, even though we had both just been effected by "downsizing".

That same night Judy met a man - Roy Watson from the South Oakland Citizens for the Homeless, also known as SOCH Welcome Inn. We knew our mission was to help him and his organization in aiding the homeless in our community, even if only in a small way.

We reached out to our friends at Moosejaw for backpacks and they offered to help in A BIG WAY! The team at Moosejaw decided they would do something really nice and offer 20% off the purchase of a new backpack when an old backpack was donated.

Why Backpacks? Because homeless people need something to carry their personal belongings in. Hundreds of backpacks were donated. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Fast forward to 2010. Once again Moosejaw is doing something nice - and so are a lot of other people, The Bliss Network, Judy Davids, Postegram and me. "Everyday people" are donating backpacks and money to help SOCH Welcome Inn make a difference in our community and you can too!

From August 16 through Augusts 22, bring in a gently used backpack to any of the 5 Southeast Michigan locations of Moosejaw, from Ann Arbor to Rochester, and you will receive 20% off the purchase price of a new backpack - just in time for school! If you're anything like me, you probably have several floating around your house - now you can put them to good use! You'll lighten the load of a fellow traveler. Remember, it could easily be someone you know - a family member, a friend, or a local teenager.

If you can't get to Moosejaw, you can connect with in Berkley or email me at and I'll send additional drop off locations!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Passion Exists In YOU - Not The J.O.B.

While in college I wrote a paper titled, "The World is My Network". (Not going to mention how long ago that was!) The paper detailed the pros and cons of Corporate America vs. Direct Sales and working from home. At that time, web pages were basically word documents and cell phones were about 15 times bigger than they are now.The point of the article was to describe my experiences with both types of positions, including the benefits to both.

Here's the short version:

At the time, I was a single mom working in Corporate America, as well as attending college and running a direct sales business. What I found was I could market and build my own business where ever I was: hockey, cheer-leading, the pool, PTA meetings and traveling around the country. Not only that, as the internet grew, I could maintain an income by reaching out across the globe - consistently making a difference in people's lives with the products I carried.

In my Corporate position, which was so like a pyramid scheme-you know, only the people at the top, like the CEO's, CFO's, etc...were the ones making any money, I was rather stuck. Since there were so few of those positions available, it was going to be very difficult for me to get ahead, especially since I had two kids at home that needed a whole lot of attention. It didn't matter how many clients I spoke with in one day, I was still going to be in the same boat, financially, a year later.

Fast forward to 2010-Seems like today there are more direct selling opportunities popping up every day and obviously, the internet is exploding. Jobs in Corporate America are dwindling and unemployment is at record highs. I personally love direct sales. With the ability to market globally through the net, and the right products, entrepreneurs can create great success. When I look for any product, I look for safety, quality, ecology, return policy and pricing. The products need to be life enhancing and user friendly - whether I'm purchasing them for my family or for my network. Two that I love are Swiss Just-USA and Send Out Cards. (Click the links to find out more about each). Both products enhance my life, my families lives and the lives of those I share them with.

If you are an entrepreneur and/or one of the many who have been affected by layoffs, downsizing and cutbacks there is no better time than now to start your own business. Whether it's through direct sales or something you've created, the time is right. (I live in both worlds, having my own business and earning additional income through Direct Sales.) There are many companies that offer exceptional quality products at fair pricing. Check a few out and find what SPARKS your interest. We all share stuff we love-movies, restaurants, shopping and more-why not get paid for it.

Remember passion exists in YOU - not the J.O.B....
live your passion today.

Bliss ON!

P.S. Visit and bookmark Abec's Small Business Review and read my article! My story will be included in Patrick Abec's book, due to release this fall! Woo Hoo!!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

30 Days of Smiling

We found the following challenge posted on Facebook and can't seem to locate where it came from, to give credit to the person that first mentioned it. We think it may be from an article written by Reggie Odum, and intuitive consultant. We are offering it up here, at The Bliss Network! If you know where it originated, please let us know!

Today we challenge you to go out and make one person smile a day, for 30 days. It's that simple. Take notes and at the end of those 30 days see how you feel. See how others feel around you. Please share your tips on how you made someone smile, even if it's a simple as smiling at someone else!

It's so simple and can be so enormous! Here are a few ways to make a smile happen:

  • Give flowers to a stranger
  • Send flowers to someone you love
  • Help someone
  • Let someone in front of you at the store, coffee shop, etc
  • Cook a meal and donate
  • Cook a meal for a neighbor
  • Bake cookies and donate them
  • Bake cookies for a neighbor
  • Fill up your kids gas tank
  • Fix lunch unexpectedly for your husband, wife, mother, friend
  • Take a friends dog for a walk so they don't have to
  • Pick up your mom/dad and take her/him someplace they haven't been
  • Tell someone how much you really care about them

Need more? E-mail me at I've got a list of ideas; at lease a few will make someone smile.

Bliss ON! Teri Williams, Bliss Ambassador

P.S. Here's a great article on "more smiling" by Reggie Odom. She talks shares info on one of my favorite inspirational leaders, Thich Nhat Hanh.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Thoughts On Networking

The other day I attended a networking event and had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people. The event included a speaker, who was fabulous - very informative and enthusiastic. I paid to attend the event and walked away with more than I thought I would, which is what we want, right?

During the event I noticed how many people that attended were distracted and not giving the speaker the respect he deserved. They chatted with friends and colleagues, checked their email on their phone and texted during the entire event. I wondered what they "took with them" and if they got what they paid for.

As someone who hosts and leads a networking group, here are a few tips I thought necessary to share - more like networking etiquette - in order to give the speaker, host or leader the respect they deserve for chairing the event, as well as those in the room who came to network and learn. Knowing I have done a few of these myself, my commitment is to make each event count for as many people as I can by practicing these five tips.

1. Turn your phone off! If you can't turn it off, at least turn it on silent. I do understand that there are some positions that need 24-hour-a-day availability, like on call physicians, police officers, and fire fighters, to name a few.
2. No texting or emailing! The speaker has committed to sharing his/her knowledge and expertise and deserves your attention. Remember, one day that may be you on the stage.
3. Save the chatter and chit chat for breaks and during specific network times! There are numerous ways to connect with friends and colleagues any other time. Make yourself a note for follow up meetings, emails or phone calls.
4. 30 second introductions mean 30 seconds! Everyone in the room deserves the same respect as the speaker. Don't make it your platform - the leader of the group or event has invited you to "network" not run an infomercial. As a leader, I know I really don't like to play mom and have to set the timer and cut people off mid sentence. If you need help with your intro, I'd be happy to assist.
5. Remember - there are hundreds and thousands of different opportunities out there. Yours is the best FOR YOU! Drop the superiority complex, keeping in mind that what works for you may not work for everyone. We are all here to assist, not insist!

Some of this may sound harsh or less than blissful. It's meant to. These are practices that make it a little more joyful for everyone. All five tips are based upon my own observations as a group leader, speaker and someone who attends networking events, as well as someone like you who has small businesses and practices many different healing modalities. My businesses and practices work for me, they may not work for everyone.

Just like on the road, I'm turning my phone off and paying attention to what lies ahead. I hope you'll join me - life is too short to miss anything!

Create Real Freedom

Guest article by Steve Martile @ Freedom Education

Freedom is the freedom to choose your thoughts, choose your friends and choose your career; it’s choosing the type of cake you want on your birthday or choosing the car you want to drive. It’s choosing the lifestyle you want to live.

If you’re not actively making these choices, then you’re not free. The happiest people I know are choosing freely. They go after what they want and they are happy because they are doing what they love. That’s real freedom.

If you don’t choose then someone else might choose for you. That seems to be the default way that many people operate. There is no “have to” or “should do” here. It’s all I-WANT-TO.


But most people operate from a different place. They say,

“I have to be successful”
“I have to be a professional speaker”
“I have to date this girl”
“I have to get this job”
“I have to have that car.”
“I have to go to work”
“I have to get this so I can do that.”

That’s not real freedom. Anytime you operate from a “have-to” or a “should-do” you create resistance. And this resistance leads to struggle, frustration and in some cases anger and resentment. It takes longer to achieve your goals and you wonder why you’re so upset with the world.

Stop doing what you “have-to” do and start doing what you really WANT to do. That's where real freedom lives. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ve always got this choice.


Once you choose what you want, take the right steps to go out and get it. That's easier said than done because we've got so much mental garbage that holds us back.

Let’s say you’re looking at a new career. You would really like to start writing and being more creative because you want to use more of your natural talents and abilities.

On the outside it seems like a good idea, but on the inside you have these doubts and fears. You think to yourself,

“What if I’m not good enough?”
“What if I’m not smart enough.”
“What if I’m not qualified?”
“What if they don’t like me?”
“What if I’m too old?”
“What if I’m too young?”

What if, what if, what if? All these doubts running through your mind. So on the outside you really want to take steps to make this new career happen, but on the inside you feel like you’re going through hell trying to get there.

You feel stuck.

On one side of the coin you have this desire to grow and express more of who you really are and on the other side your mental garbage is holding you back.

So how do you get around it?

Start to fill your mind with positive new thoughts and beliefs.

As my gift to you I want to show you exactly how you might do that:

Download this free video training and you will:

- Eliminate the struggle, “trying harder” and the bad habits that have kept you back
- Discover the #1 method of instantly gaining confidence and building momentum to any goal you set
- Find new ways of getting results that are easier, faster and more fun

Click here to get your training:

Live life a joy,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What is your dream job? Are you doing it?

Many people have asked me, "What is my dream job?". I do my dream job every day. Usually, I like to ask them, "aren't you living your dream job?" and if they're not, I tell them there's no better time than now to make it happen. Isn't it time you gave your life a J.O.L.T?

I love my jobs, all of them. Besides wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend, I have several:

* I built a few websites and took a Dreamweaver class - I help people build their websites and then teach them how to do the updates on their own! No more waiting for your web developer to do it for you. (Just ask Brenda Strausz at Brenda - she loves that she can work on her own site) So EMPOWERING!

* I wrote a couple books - I assist people in getting their message out by helping them publish an ebook or a printed book- or BOTH! Just ask Tamara Stone, The Balance Chic - Tamara and I co -created a new book called Girlavanting...coming to a store near you! (The book and the girls!)

* I promote myself and I can promote you, too. Better yet, I can teach you how to promote yourself through tools like Facebook and Linked IN.

* I co-created a business networking group, Cooperative Networks to help YOU get your message out. A no cost, high energy event that is focused on YOU! We leave our egos at the door and know that we are to make a difference for at least one person in the room!

* I love natural skin care, meditation and alternative healing - now I empower others through energy healing, essential oils and aromatherapy - everyone NEEDS to relax a little more!

* I created a huge network through "Social Networking" and now I've co-created Joy Of Living Training - 21 days to J.O.L.T. your business. A really cool interactive online workshop that gives you the tools you need to spark your business. This workshop is based upon our successes - and will give you the J.O.L.T. you need, in only 21 minutes a day! (You can register now by clicking HERE.)

Every day I empower at least one person by sparking their creativity and igniting their passion. What do I do? When someone asks me that question, I like to ask, "What do you need? " Or "What does your business need to grow?" Practice putting your ego aside for a minute and listen to what the person really needs. When I do that, I can then decide how best to serve you and your business needs.

20 years ago, as a single mom, I bought my first computer and never looked back. Behind me were 10 years of Corporate Management, endless hours of accounting and marketing courses, as well as a crash course on the new "internet". I started a business out of my home, called the Administrative Assistant. My first client was a D.J. from WDET. I transcribed his shows for him and learned a whole lot about Jazz at the same time! Since then, my entrepreneurial spirit has lead me down many paths. As a perpetual student, I love to learn. The more I learn, the more I am able to empower my clients to live the life of their dreams.

What about you? What do you do? Are you living the life of your dreams? Have you made a list lately of what you really want to do; a list of what you LOVE? Grab a pen, a piece of paper and start writing down what makes you feel passionate! Oh, and if you're not loving the drive to the office, call me! I'd be happy to share a little bliss! Teri