Monday, March 21, 2011

Are you a Virtual First Responder?

Do you know what a first responder is?

I like this definition: Person who, in the early stages of an emergency event, works to protect and preserve life, property, evidence, and the environment. First responders may include personnel from federal, state, local, tribal, and nongovernmental organizations. Yeap...It might include you.

Very powerful, right? Guess what - We all have the capacity to be a first responder and here's a little info from a wonderful site called "Intentions Flashmob", explaining how you can become a Virtual First Responder.

Would it surprise you to know
how powerful we can be?

A disaster happens. The TV is filled with repetitive images and video of destruction, which creates more fear and depletes our energy. Some people become overwhelmed and shut down. Others become anxious and depressed, even if the event is not in their local area. Is there another way to respond? Just ask the Intentions Flashmob networks forming across the country. We are a free community of Virtual First Responders using our social networks to send positive healing intentions toward any stressful event.

Can we actually impact our world? Back in 1987, Physicist Robert Jahn and Clinical Psychologist Brenda Dunne offered definitive research at Princeton University. Their research cited "accumulated unequivocal evidence that the mind can physically interact with physical reality". Using the power of our intentions can do just that.

Giving moves us past the place of fear. As Virtual First Responders not directly involved in a stressful event, we can offer quick virtual relief through our positive intentions for balance and peace. We can also help dissolve an event before it grows, as in the case of a threatening storm, flood, or fire in our local community. It's simple--just send a positive intention and pass it on to your social network to do the same. There is no leader; you are the leader.

Wouldn't it be great to practice and experience the power we have? If you are curious, go to Intentions Flashmob for more information and please consider starting an Intentions flashmob in your social network. If you are on Facebook, click here and "LIKE" the Intentions Flashmob fan page.

*We don't have to meet anywhere, we're all connected.* By Intentions Flashmob

Bliss on!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How do you serve?

Living a life of servitude - family first

A few months ago, while prepping for a client meeting, one of my colleagues suggested I NOT mention that I had recently been spending a huge amount of time on family responsibilities and obligations. It really floored me that she even suggested that. Serving my family is a gift that I am honored to receive. I will not wear a cloak to cover that reality.

Since November a large amount of my time has been spent assisting family members (and friends) in various ways - mainly health related issues. That's what comes with being a parent (and daughter). Serving our family doesn't stop because the "Open for business sign" is on. In fact, serving family never stops, in my book!

When we become parents we are automatically committed to a life of servitude: as our parents age, the role is reversed and we must serve them. It doesn't stop because our children reach a certain age or become financially independent. No doubt I will be helping my family in some way until the day I die.

My work - my life's purpose - is serving humanity in the best way possible, beginning at home and filtering out to the community, including the business community, my clients. When I am helping others, especially my family, for whatever reason, there is so much joy and contentment present. If I can make their load a little lighter and their day a little brighter, I am doing my work well.

As a client or potential client, colleague or friend, what you realize when you hear me speak of servitude is that I am devoted to and passionate about serving, which naturally filters to you.

How do you serve? I am proud to say my family comes first and BLISSED to be able to live up to the commitment to serve humanity in whatever capacity I can.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you liked? 10 ways to keep the like box checked!

Catchy title isn't it? Reminded me of when I was young. Think back to elementary or middle school. Did you ever get one of those cute little notes from someone that said, "Do you like me - check yes or no?" Or maybe you gave one of those cute little notes to someone and wondered about what you would do when they checked "yes"!

Facebook is the big people form of a "do you like me note" only instead of it being dropped on the desk of that cute little boy (or girl) across the room, it's dropped on millions of desks around the world. I recently read that the average Facebook fan spends a minimum of 55 minutes per day on Facebook. So, what do you do when you are finally "liked"? How do you keep them on your page for a few of those 55 minutes?

Here are 10 suggestions for keeping that "like" box checked:

1. Get social - Facebook is "Social Networking" - you must engage in conversation
2. Update your page daily
3. Post minimally - don't barrage your followers with too many posts per day
4. Offer a complimentary gift now and then
5. Repost other valuable and reliable information
6. Add photo's and change your profile picture occasionally
7. Host a contest for fans only
8. Add short video's
9. Promote and share other fans pages
10. Create a cool landing page, with a sign up from for your newsletter/blog - keep your fans informed

There's more where those came from. Facebook is simply another tool to build relationships and keep them going strong. Once your liked, it's up to you to keep that relationship flourishing. If you don't have a Fan Page for your business, call me! I'd love to help you get one set up and share more details on how to 'get liked and keep liked!'

So...Do you like me? Please visit my Fan Page and click "LIKE" if you do!

Bliss ON!!!