Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How do you make decisions? The flip of a coin?

Some of my family members find it very difficult to make a decision. Seemingly easy decisions become a grueling process. I often find myself saying, "Flip a coin!" In fact, I've used that technique on many occasions. Isn't not making a decision - making a decision? Choosing to stay indecisive is saying you're staying exactly where you are or that you accept what's going on.

There was a time when I would make decisions rather quickly, which wasn't always a good thing, especially when it came to business decisions. I've learned to go within more, trusting my intuition and listening to the inner whispers of my soul or as my friend Lori Lipten puts it, "Listening to my inner GPS". When that doesn't "feel right" I seek the advice of a trusted colleague, friend or family member. Sometimes I revert to one of the many oracle decks I've acquired over the years.

Oracle cards are an ancient method of receiving guidance and messages. An oracle deck generally consists of 44 cards. Each card has a picture or drawing and contains a word or sentence. Generally the decks come with a guide book, giving some insight on the cards. (I'm in the process of creating a Bliss Deck now - you're going to love it!)

One of my favorite decks is Dr. Steven J. Farmers "Power Animal Oracle Cards". Many of you may already realize that ancient and indigenous peoples across the globe believe Power Animal Spirit Guides help in their everyday lives by providing guidance. The theory is that we all have Power Animal Spirits. Stevens deck contains 44 cards and a guide book. When I'm having difficulty making a decision sometimes I visit the decks, think about my decision or dilemma and choose a card. The message is usually very appropriate to my situation and extremely helpful; sometimes even leaving me in awe of the power behind the message.

If you don't have a deck, I suggest you grab one or call or email me. I'd be happy to pull a card for you and share the description. It's a little more fun than flipping a coin. Guess what card I just pulled - The Antelope - who is all about decisiveness! Pretty cool, huh!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

But Mom those are my friends....

The love of Facebook

5 years ago I literally banned my daughter from being on Facebook, the online social networking community that is EVERYWHERE! She was connecting with people all over the world that she didn't even know; the goal being to collect as many "friends" as she possibly could. She would adamantly say, "But Mom, those are my friends!" With that goal in mind, most of her peers announced the same thing to their parents.

From a parents perspective it was a dangerous trap - it scared the heck out of me. I felt there was too much information being shared and too many people had access to that information. I remember telling her, "Those people are not your friends, they're simply names and faces".

Well, today, I've changed my tune completely. In fact, part of the professional service I offer my clients is how to get on Facebook and how to effectively use it for your business. I've seen my clients businesses grow by 30% simply by creating a Fanpage and interacting with their fans. I've also made some wonderful friends, yes friends! Not just names and faces.

In taking the time to get social with the people I'm connected with, I've built friendships with many that I would NEVER have had the opportunity to meet in the past, both new and old. Those connections run from California to Georgia, from Illinois to Florida and across the globe to Europe, Australia, South America and New Zealand. (You all know who you are.) These people and their friendships have enhanced my life as powerfully as the friends I connect with in person and who are in my local community, bringing inspiration and joy to my life on a daily basis. Facebook also offers us the chance to keep in touch with those who have moved away/relocated, who are house bound or simply too shy to chat in person.

There is still a lot of controversy about Facebook and the information being shared. I do encourage my clients to be somewhat discreet and cautious about what they post and who they accept into their Facebook Circle. There are those that will take advantage of you no matter what you do or say, on line and off line.

Gratitude rocks and I am thankful for Facebook and the many opportunities it has provided me both personally and professionally. Especially those I call my friends. Thank you for adding a little more bliss to my life! And a GINORMOUS thank you to those of you who shared in my birthday bliss, sending wishes of love, light, peace, prosperity and again, bliss.
That's what friends are for!!