Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s the week of Thanksgiving. Seriously, I celebrate it every day. Many of you do too, I know.

Me - I simply thank God, The Great Spirit, Source for every breath I take, every face I see, every tear I shed. I’ve said it before – it’s worth saying again – When I open my eyes in the morning, before I even put my foot on the ground, I take a deep breath and say “Thank you for another day – Thank you for the opportunity to serve”.

It’s also the one year anniversary of Welcome to Blissville at THANK YOU to Brent Carey, Founder and Creator of, for this gift of being the voice that brings you so much joy. What we focus on multiplies! Joy, joy, joy!

What a year it’s been! I’ve had the opportunity to deliver 50 of the world’s most incredible, dynamic people, from all over the globe, from Detroit to Melbourne - Marc Allen, Marci Shimoff, Brenda Strausz, SARK, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Lori Lipten, Sharon Salzberg, Shawne Duperon, Gene Stone, Judy Davids, Amanda Gore, Jon Katz, Lori Bryant Woolridge and Catherine Hilker are only a handful of the guests we’ve heard. What an amazing array of topics – love, grief, intimacy inspiration, pets, Feng Shui, intuition, meditation, miracles and of course, bliss.

My guests have given a lot of their personal tips for living a blissful life, here's a sampling:

Susyn Reeve – Take the time to acknowledge what you love and honor about yourself and then experiment with being the world’s greatest lovers – share that love with the world!!

Judy Davids – “All things are possible, believe in yourself and seek out support of others. People want to help you!”

Lori Bryant Woolridge – “True masters learn through joy – there’s a lot of joy to be found.”

Shawne Duperon – "It’s not that deep…take a deep breath and play."

Bernie Siegel – “Love yourself, love your body, and then contribute your love to the world. It’s the only thing that makes you immortal – love someone and you’ll be here forever.”

Marc Allen – “Don’t forget your dreams, keep going for them – dream your most expansive dream, you’ll never regret it.”

There has been one common thread, besides bliss– Gratitude. Each of these remarkable people feels a deep sense of gratitude to life. You'll hear that in every interview, over and over again.

I am over flowing with that same grateful spirit, thankful to be the bridge that brought their message to you; messages with deep meaning, yet seemingly so simple; thankful to be bringing even more bliss to you in the next year.

Thank you all for tuning in and empowering yourself with their wisdom, for taking a few minutes each week to tune in and tune up your life – for bringing me into your home, your office, your world, your heart. You are all on my bliss list and I am grateful beyond words!

A deep sense of gratitude brings you closer to living your bliss…

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